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We help you and your family members to discover, to dream BIG, and to make "amazing" happen


Discovering Authenticity

Although we can do this for anyone committed to making change in their lives, our passion is for families whose sons and daughters live with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We facilitate a process called Discovery: The Process of Uncovering the Authentic Self ─ something we call "digging for gold." Going through this process may leave you looking at your family member through very different-coloured lenses ─ in a way that just lights you up!  Discovery is part of a longer process called Making Connections to Last a Lifetime, an intensive process that, in addition to including our insights and observations, will provide recommendations and a three-step plan for starting to make “amazing” happen. 

Since 2007, we have been "digging for gold," and discovering the "amazing" in people for whom a good life is often elusive. This could be your time. Are you curious to find out where such a path might lead you and your family?

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We share our experience, our knowledge and our skills, so DSPs feel better equipped


Sharing and Learning

We are very aware of the need for sustainability. Parents won't always be around to help make "amazing" happen. And people paid to provide support will come and go. But Viscardis & Associates can help with sustainability, by ensuring others learn from what we've done over the course of 30+ years. We would love nothing more than to build our community's capacity to support all people in living into "amazing." Just imagine if there were an army of people running around, helping people to dream BIG, and asking, "How can I help?" We help people to do what we do ─ build personal and community capacity to support people living with intellectual and developmental disability to live into their best lives.

Since 1994, we have been developing courses and workshops, and have been personally mentoring those who are committed to strong, healthy community. Would you like to be part of something that uncovers, builds and utilizes assets that make "amazing" possible for others? To train with us, and become one of our associates?

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We help you to be healthy, both physically and financially, using proven systems that just work


Growing ─ Physically and Financially

We all know that, if we have our health, we are rich indeed. There are so many pieces of good health that, when they all come together, create a picture of "amazing" ─ amazing physical health; amazing emotional health; amazing spiritual health; and, amazing financial health. 

What if you could adopt a few simple systems that have the potential to radically impact your health, and the health of your family, and by sharing with others, radically impact theirs? What if it were possible to enjoy better physical and financial health than you and others could ever hope for or imagine? 

Since 2008, we have been sharing systems that support physical and financial health. We have seen and have personally felt amazing transformations. Would you be open to finding out what kind of "amazing" is possible?

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Let's make "amazing" happen ... together!

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