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Our Mission:

Having become solidly focused on community building in 1989, Viscardis & Associates was not officially founded until 2002. We consult with people who are committed to living into their best lives, or who are seeking ways to support others to do so. We are especially passionate about consulting with people who live with intellectual and developmental disability and their families. 

We provide leadership in mindset renewal, away from lack and toward asset-based thinking. Through an individualized process of Discovery, we develop plans that support the move toward an ideal life. We have proven what is possible when people dream big, set high expectations and partner with others who believe in the dream. We are breaking down old stereotypes, and redefining how to live a life by design.

We intend to make a contribution to the world by helping as many people as possible to define their ideal life, to make a plan to live it, and to find the resources that will sustain it.

Our Vision:

That Viscardis & Associates plays a meaningful role in nurturing strong, healthy communities, where all people enjoy designing their ideal life, living into their physical and financial potential, and making a meaningful contribution in community.

Our Services:

Our services include a comprehensive consultation process to help identify gaps and opportunities, an action plan, a cost estimate, and a schedule. Depending on your goals, or the goals of your family, we also offer a suite of quality services, and access to systems that will help you get there. That’s how we ensure your success. (Click on Services in the menu above for more information.)

Viscardis & Associates  –  Who are our associates?

We do not profess to have all of the skills and resources needed to help you to live into your best life. Our associates are people who are as committed to your success as we are. We seek out the right people for the job. We use others' expertise to ensure that we provide the best experience possible to each of our customers. We connect you with other resources that may help you to achieve "amazing."

A Little About Linda Doran Viscardis:

With over 30 years of personal experience living and working with people whose unique needs are not adequately met by an unresponsive service system, Linda Doran Viscardis, principal of Viscardis & Associates, knows how a constant state of negativity and lack can chip away at one’s dreams for a really good life. 

Linda has seen what can happen when each person, regardless of their ability, story or station in life, recognizes their God-given strengths and capacities, and, more importantly, is empowered to use them to transition through struggle to success. 

Linda specializes in challenging people who are ready for change to envision a different future, to look beyond the status quo, and to see themselves as change makers – fully equipped and able to shift their thinking, and, most importantly, to help others to shift theirs. 

Having worked in social services for most of her career, Linda is adept at reading people, and seeing their true potential. Recognized for the work she has done on behalf of other families, she is the recipient of the Commemorative Medal of Honour for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada (1992), and, as a Trent alumna, of the Spirit of Trent University Award (2015). 

Linda has sat on various boards of directors, committees and task forces, providing a voice for people who live with disabilities and their families. She has developed courses, written extensively about her life experiences as well as others', and consulted to all levels of Government. However, she is most passionate about the work she has done that has resulted in people living into dreams that most felt were impossible. 

Linda often encourages others to set their North Star, which includes the process of uncovering one's many gifts, strengths and capacities and finding ways to utilize them, in order to live into one's best life – then putting in place a plan to contribute them, meaningfully, in the community. When we all contribute meaningfully, we will enjoy a strong, healthy community.

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Our individualized consultation process is designed to empower you, help you to dream BIG, and outfit you with the tools you need to succeed. Contact us today to find out how we may help you to achieve "amazing" ... for you, and for your family. The initital consultation is FREE. So, how can we help?

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