Passionate about ordinary people living extraordinary lives of contribution and freedom

Our Experience

We have over 30 years of experience walking alongside people who have committed to making "amazing" happen ─ in their lives, and in the lives of their families. We have learned a lot. As we watch people surpass what they ever hoped for or imagined, we get fired up! 

We don't let things like fear or a "lack mindset" get in the way. We encourage people to dream BIG .... to set goals, both large and small, and to make and execute a plan to achieve them. 

We help people to plant and nurture seeds of hope and change. Then, when those seeds start to germinate and produce a harvest, we celebrate! How fun is that!

Why Us?

It is in the quiet moments of sharing one's deepest fears and dreams that "amazing" emerges. 

We help to slow things down. We take the time to really listen. We believe in "amazing." We are dream weavers, goal setters, change makers! 

What is your heart's desire? That is also our heart's desire! So, how can we help?

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what others have said about linda doran viscardis


Unflaggingly passionate about creating communities of belonging

In the close to 15 years that I have known Linda Viscardis, I have found her to be unflaggingly passionate about creating communities of belonging. My heart and eyes brighten to hear her speak of what's possible for people of all abilities and "stories." Not only does she have a sparkling vision for a brighter future in our communities, but she has identified clear, actionable ways for how we might achieve that vision. For example, she's shared a long-held dream of building co-housing in Peterborough where many different people of many different strengths and histories can share life and food and fun together. Linda will make you believe that "different" is possible, that "amazing" is possible, and then she'll roll up her shirt-sleeves and get to work to make that happen. For example, she and her daughter Laura have transformed what it looks like to be a self advocate as a person with an intellectual disability. Linda is articulate, passionate and inspiring. She is forward thinking about the places where we live, and she is deeply caring about the people in those places.  ─  Michelle S

I learned so much about my son that I didn't know

Linda has helped me so much with my son. When she did his Discovery, I learned so much about my son that I didn't know before!!! It was amazing!  ─  Jo-Anne M

He began to smile again ─ something we had not seen in many years

It is such a pleasure working with Linda. She is a very intelligent, caring, positive person, who fully understands the concerns of a parent who has a child or children with special needs. Linda is a Christian woman, with a genuine interest in others achieving their best life. She has helped my son in many ways, one of the most significant being her weekly calls to chat and encourage him on his journey. He began to smile again, as a result of these calls ─ something we had not seen in many years. My whole family has benefitted from Linda's involvement with my son.  ─  Brenda M

Makes me believe anything is possible

Linda is the master of insight and tools. She is plugged into the universe in a way that changes lives. She makes me believe that anything is possible. She has so many gifts to share with people.   ─  Laurie F

Coach, mentor, cheerleader and woman of deep integrity and perseverence

 Linda has been a tireless advocate for people with intellectual and physical disabilities for over 30 years. With each passing year, she has deepened her skills and knowledge base, informed by leaders in the community inclusion and citizenship rights movement, in order to help parents and families develop a clear vision and the actions needed to achieve it. She is a coach, a mentor, a cheerleader and woman of deep integrity and perseverence.  ─  Lucinda H   

Intuitive, objective listener

Linda is an intuitive, objective listener who possesses a strong desire for all people to have the freedom and courage to always be their best. She has a very clear pathway for how to achieve this goal.  ─  Jack G

Let's make “amazing” happen!